Christine Lagarde asks you: What should the ECB’s crypto-euro look like?

What about speculating on the digital euro? – For several months now, one after the other, central banks have been tackling the subject of the MNBCs (the famous Digital Currencies of Central Banks). For its part, the European Central Bank would like to have our opinion on the subject via a survey.

Your opinion on the future crypto-euro?

The European Central Bank wants to speed up the implementation of a digital euro, given the progress made in China and the United States.

Thus, according to Fabio Panetta, member of the ECB’s board of directors, the current sanitary climate could even represent a favourable scenario for the creation of an MNBC.

An opinion shared by Christine Lagarde, President of the ECB, who said on Twitter :

“We have started to explore the possibility of launching a digital euro. As Europeans are increasingly turning to digital in the way they spend, save and invest, we should be ready to issue a digital euro, if necessary. I would also like to hear your views on this. »

Thus, on this subject, Mrs Lagarde wishes to gather the opinions of both private individuals and professionals. As a result, the ECB has set up a survey accessible to all.

Obstacles to deployment, necessary functionalities, presence or not of intermediaries, the role of banks in this project, nothing is left out. The survey even goes so far as to ask Internet users for their opinion on the “most suitable technical solution”.

For its part, the Banque de France continues to make progress on the subject with experiments conducted by Société Générale in partnership with Nomadic Labs and Consensys. Stay tuned!

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