Brave integrates IFPS

The crypto browser Brave will support the Interplanetary File System (IFPS) in the future. This means that Brave users will henceforth be able to call up IFPS addresses directly – or become an IFPS node with one click.

The desktop version of the Brave browser now supports the IPFS. Brave Software, the company behind the privacy-focused browser, announced this in a press release on 19 January. The IFPS is a peer-to-peer network that enables a censorship-free internet. The IFPS was used more famously, for example, when Turkish President Erdogan blocked access to Wikipedia for his countrymen and women at the end of 2017. The block was to last until 15 January 2020. Activists had made a copy of Wikipedia on the IFPS at the time – and thus cheated the autocrat.

Brave and IFPS against the censorship rage
With the latest update of the crypto browser Brave, users will not only be able to access Ipfs://-URLs, but also run an IFPS node themselves and outsource data to the IFPS. Molly Mackinlay, project manager at IPFS, sees the cooperation as a benefit for the decentralised web (dWeb). And she lets it slip that the Turkish head of state is still involuntarily promoting a censorship-resistant web:

By bringing the benefits of the dWeb to Brave users, IPFS’s efforts to eliminate systemic data censorship by corporations and nation-states are now reinforced through integration with Brave. Today, web users around the world cannot access restricted content, including, for example, parts of Wikipedia in Thailand, over 100,000 blocked websites in Turkey, and critical access to COVID-19 information in China. Now anyone with an internet connection can access this critical information via IPFS in the Brave browser,

Mackinlay is quoted as saying in the press release.

Brave’s merchandise shop has already been relying on the IFPS since April 2020, which comes from the same house – Protocol Labs – as Filecoin, launched in late 2020. The latter is to supplement the IFPS with a decentralised storage network.

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